Evernote’s User Experience – Mac

User Experience for Evernote: Part 1 – Mac

MOO Again

I’d like to give a shout out to my roommate who wrote and excellent and much less babbley user¬†review¬†of MOO. Check out Why I love the Moo experience.

MOO’s User Experience

What a delightful user experience might look like: Moo.com.

Sitemaps for Single-page Sites

I’ve not seen anyone show what sitemap drawings could look for the new scrolling sites that are beginning to crop up everywhere. So when I was asked to for work, I had to come up with my own idea on how to show it.

Mobile Templates

The other week I had a little bit of free time at work and thought I’d see what could be done to make a SIMPLE mobile site for restaurants that leverage some simple phone abilities (like calling numbers and GPS). I picked restaurants because as a whole, they have the worst mobile and desktop sites.


Usable versus Delightful. Continuation of my thoughts from Jared Spool’s webinar.


What does it mean to have a satisfactory web experience. Words of Rae is back online focusing on UX, IA and everything that won’t fit elsewhere.

Comparison: NoteTakers

There are currently four note-taking apps on my iPad: SpringPad, Evernote, PaperDesk, and Penultimate. Each one is best at something, but Penultimate and Evernote are the ones I use the most.

Comparison: Drawing

Drawing is the one thing iThings are good at. (Besides being terribly addicting and portable). So there’s a lot of drawing apps out there. I’m a casual drawer, not a professional. I don’t expend the energy needed to be more than a passable artist so I’m looking for an app that allows me to draw quickly, well, and then snyc with my life. I will look at four “drawing” apps on my iThing right now.

Squid vs Octopus

For today’s lesson we are focusing on the deep sea rivalry between the humble squid and modest octopus. Placed side by side, which one will reign supreme? Our independent judge will be Google’s N-gram viewer with will scan “lots of books” and chart the popularity of a term over the year. And the results….

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